Quartz, Marble, Granite & Stone Remnants for Sale

Quartz, Natural Stone, Marble and Granite remnants are smaller pieces of stone and can be a great way to save money. Remnants are perfect for a small custom counter top, a vanity top, fireplace mantel, shelves, ledges, tables, window sills, stepping stones, post tops, stair treads, or a small kitchen. Pieces can be fabricated to meet your project specifications. Many Possibilities. Just imagine. Download Our List of Stone Remnants Here


Enjoy the Beauty of Natural Stone in Any Room

Nothing adds a touch of luxury to your home, quite like granite, marble, or other natural stone features. However, this elegant and timeless material can be costly. That’s where stone remnants come in. Stone remnants may be the leftover pieces from other jobs and tend to be more affordable. If you are interested in adding natural stonework to a bathroom, kitchen or fireplace, stop by our showroom to check our stunning selection of stone remnants for sale. We are located in Atkinson, New Hampshire, and service the surrounding areas, including parts of Maine.

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We Carry Large and Small Remnants

While stone remnants may be smaller than a full-size slab, it is a common misconception that they are only for tiny spaces. We have remnants in many different sizes. Don’t hesitate to ask about our remnant collection, just because you have a larger space. We might just have what you are looking for. Some pieces may even be large enough for a small kitchen.

All Colors and Stone Types

At Montes Marble, we pride ourselves on our extensive collection of different stone types, including marble, granite, quartz, soapstone, limestone, and travertine. We carry a wide range of naturally occurring stone patterns, colors, and textures for a unique look for your home.

How to Get a Custom Stone Look for Your Space

Step 1: Measure Your Space

Once you have accurate dimensions and know exactly what you need, visit us, and one of our design consultants will be happy to help.

Step 2: Choose Your Piece

Be sure to ask about our collection of remnants, so we know what to look for. We will show you what we have so you can pick a piece that matches your home’s aesthetic.

Step 3: Select from Premium Features

Once you have selected your stone, choose from a variety of edge styles and other details. Then we get to work cutting and shaping it to your specifications.

Step 4: Enjoy Expert Installation

After your countertop is ready, we will give you a call to schedule installation. Our team is fast, courteous, and has extensive experience in stone installation.

Step 5: Love Your New Space

Natural stone is the ultimate in durability and longevity. This means you will be able to enjoy it for years to come. Let’s get started today!

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“Worked with Kim and had a great experience from start to finish! Work was done perfectly, and what we thought was going to be a long drawn out project was done quickly with precision, and we are so very pleased!”– Tammy R.

How Much Do Our Stone Remnants Cost?

The beauty of natural stone is that each piece and each remnant is unique. We offer styles and patterns at every price point and offer our remnants at a substantial discount. Contact us for a free estimate.

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Find Your Perfect Piece Today

If you are in the New Hampshire area and are looking for premium natural stone, marble, and granite for sale, we are here to help. Visit us today to learn more about the natural stone products we offer.

Visit our showroom in Atkinson, New Hampshire and we will help you select the perfect stone for your project. Also, check out the “Know Your Stone” section on our website to learn more about the large selection of natural stone, colors and design options available to you.